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There are a range of direct and indirect benefits to creating new native woodland in Ireland to offset emissions:

  • Align your business with increasing stakeholder demand: staff, clients & the public all care deeply about this
  • Competitive differentiation– be at the forefront of sustainable business practice
  • Generate positive national and international publicity for your business
  • Reduce costs by gaining insight into bad practices, enabling cost-saving behavioural changes
  • Support social enterprise, wider Irish industry, jobs, education and research
  • Have genuine, quantifiable positive impact on environmental protection and Irish biodiversity
  • Get ahead of inevitable legal obligations/regulation and avoid new taxes 
  • It’s the right thing to do

Our process is simple:

  1. We provide simple online tools to capture data on emissions/activity
  2. An emissions score is provided and a commitment to offset those emissions is made
  3. We plant the woodland and certify the offsets created
  4. We provide co-branding materials that can be used to share details of the project
  5. We share access to educational resources to enable future emissions reduction